Be Judgemental!!!

One of the best ways of developing a skill is by observing masters of the game.

Prepare yourself by reading these statements –

“aha that little bastard. I am sure he is sucking upto xyz”

“Oh he comes from the same place as me but he is not like me. I guess he wants to ignore his roots and his culture”

“I think he goes to the pub everyday and gets wasted”

“Must be a fucking gay as he does not seem to be interested in picking up a wasted girl at a club or thinks titty bars are a waste of time”

“He does not know how to use a fork and knife. Fucking dihati (rural bumpkin)”

“Are you going to a shrink ??? LOL”

“Spoilt little bastard. Gets everything on a silver platter.”

Please note that an important ingredient is a teaspoon of sarcasm in each of these statements and repeated use of the statement to each and everyone when judging others. For added amusement one must not say anything of this sort to the person on their face but make sure he or she gets to know about this. However if one does want to say something to the person, out of a sense of honour, it may be effective to turn that statement into a loaded question i.e. where he either has to concur by giving an answer similar to your judgement or by giving a different answer but having understood your true intention.

After practising this on your mates its important to take a print out of the following quotes and then use it as a toilet paper after your daily crap. Please note if you are from a country which does not use toilet paper i.e. you use water or leaves or stones to clean your bum you will have to use the print out first and then for a sense of satisfaction can use your preferred method of arse cleaning.

“Even god doesn’t propose to judge a man till his last days, why should you and I?”    ―  Dale Carnegie

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” – Mother Teresa