A shocking result of a survey in the U.K suggests that over 2/3’s of british asians still live as per the “ancient honour code” developed in the villages and towns of the land of their ancestors. The survey results also suggest that 18% of respondents agree with the use of phyiscal force in enforcing this “honour code”.


As a Sikh and an Indian who grew up in a cosmopolitan environment  i have always felt sad when i read about “honour crimes” and “restrictive practices” of a large majority of my countrymen. Till now i always believed that improvement in educational standards of the larger population and broadening of their horizons ,would result in a debate about such practices at the town/village level. This debate i felt would change the way we as a society live , for the better. However if Britain’s experience has to be looked at , it could be suggested that i might be wrong. We may need a lot more than education and social debate to change things.