I have heard Indians,Non-Indians and aliens suggest that India will be the next superpower along with China. In-fact the in the next few decades India will be calling the shots.

Some reasons could be –

1) We, and this includes me, live on improvisation( or as in India-we call jugaar/d). Like the United States Marine Corps we plan to improvise when we make contact with the enemy. Planning,like in the US Army, is for the Chinese with their silly belief who state it matters how well you do things rather than just the result. Setting a goal along with plans, decades in advance is just for fools and the Chinese. You see they don’t know how to to be “smart” like us Indians.Eg: Commonwealth Games 2010, My life …wait i am not a success.

2) We don’t like to see our women topless. It fine for the kidsand tribals to be topless. You see whats the point of making the poor buy clothes for their kids. Waste of Money and more importantly we are saving on scarce resources.

3) An enduring memory is of my drive from Secunderabad in the South to Shimla in the North in 2009 that is just over 2000 Kms in about 48 hrs plus. And i did that with just a co-passenger. Great Adventure. Great to see we building super-highways through the length and breadth of India. The most enduring memory of the drive was this row of 20 women outside the town of Kamptee, in India’s Premier State-Maharashtra, crapping on the side of the highway. We love being naturists.

4) Like the elite everywhere in the world, i had a roast chicken for dinner. And we tell the peasants to be happy with Rs 27 or just over half a dollar in a day.

5) We claim to be united as a nation and more intelligent than the average American but when people from the North East of India come to our national capital they are asked “Are you from Nepal or Are you Chinese ?”.

6) We go abroad and claim everyone is a racist. We just want them to be caste-ist.

7) We show solidarity with Africa and Africans by treating “white visitors as God” and Blacks as the “other end of God”.

8) We are on the way of beating the English as “the most loved nationality” in the world. Sorry my English friends, you are going to lose that title as well. Our track record is superb in the sub-continent where we are the regional power and the smaller nations love us. We liberated Bangladesh and all Bangladeshi’s “love us”. In the fact the BNP one of the two main political parties is always trying to win our affection and you cant get more Pro-Indian than them. The Maosits have taken over Nepal and love the fact that we keep on trying to influence events in their country. Who is Ang San Suu whatever from Burma wherever that is ? Didn’t we support he…..oh forget it-its Burma so what ? We created the LTTE and then fought it , then we helped the Sri Lankans fight it and then when they destroyed it we criticized them. Maldives keeps looking at us and then at the Arabs and then at Pakistan and then at the British and then look at us ? Please my Bhutanese friends – stop being the odd one out and stop hating us !! Wait I forgot we cant beat Pakistanis at being the most loved nationality in the world. They have just beaten the Anglo-Saxons to the title..

9) We grow enough grain to feed our people as well as export it but we just like to be mean by not giving them food as we would get not be able to stop our population growth if we built warehouses to store the grain for them.

10) We take aid from others and give aid to others.

Ok Ok we are good people so we should become one but should we beat our chests about it before we become one ?