When I listen to the editor-in-chief of Times Now, I generally have a hard time not crapping in my pants. Its like being confronted with a media version of a General on the verge of taking over the country. His sole purpose in life seems to scaring the living daylights out of any living thing on the guest list on one of his shows. He “confronts” them with a question, he then “interrupts” them with his answer to his question and makes that the “position” of the people of India. I bet he can out-clarkson Clarkson (Top Gear fame) if he chose to do so except that he is an editor of a serious news channel and not an entertaining car show presenter.

He is a breed apart because no other news editor sees himself as the “voice of India”. His opinion is all that counts. But from what i have read he seems to have pleased the people as his channel is the Number One English News Channel as per the TRP ratings. It seems that the “people of India” love to hear him put down his guests because they realise that they cant rant at those people themselves. To the “people of India” i have this to say ” He is a journalist and not your elected representative.”

His shows proves that people love their faces and their voices. Especially the breeds known as “Politicians” and “People from High Society”. Why else would they keep coming on TV  and embarrassing themselves in front of him, day after day ? But then they probably don’t mind, as they know that a major part of their “constituency” does not watch English TV Channels even if they have a Television to watch.

However he does make me feel good. However downtrodden i am, whatever mess i am in, however fucked up i am I know that i will be always more civil than him. He also makes me feel good as I now know that getting degrees from Oxford does not equate to being an intelligent person.