I have to admit – I am frustrated today. Yesterday Nabadip nominated me for this award. In response i wrote a part-funny, part-silly and a part serious post. Unfortunately and not surprisingly i did a Sunny. I lost the damn post. In order not to get even more frustrated I have decided to be very Unsunnylike. I have kept this post short and simple. My Nominations are:


A blog on the lack of common sense in everyday life. Take your humour pills before you read it.


The blog talks about loads of topics, some very personal to the blogger. The beauty about the blog is the way she writes it. A blogger to learn from.


This blog talks about the bloggers “adventure” outside her homeland of New Zealand. She is funny and sharp.


This blog is primarily a travel blog. If you want to get an understanding of a “good traveller/backpacker mentality” this is worth reading. A mentality worth emulating whenever you travel.


This blog talks about the bloggers view on social issues. Its worth reading, even if you dont agree with the bloggers political view, as the language is moderate and he gives weightage to all opinions.

Here are the rules of the award –

Instructions for the Versatile Blogger award nominees:

1. Nominate fellow bloggers of your choice.

2.inform the bloggers of their nomination!

3. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

4.Add the “Versatile Blogger Award” pic to your blog post.