Olympics 2012

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This Johnny foreigner did enjoy the olympic’s opening ceremony. Here are few of the things which caught my eye

1. Guard of Honour provided for the flame by workers who made the olympic park.

2. The olympic flame not being lit by some big shot but by junior athletes.

3 NHS full-time staff being made star of the show.

The underlying theme for me was that small matters. This was about the “Small” person.

I suspect India will win two golds both in boxing ( A big thing for us if  you forget our size). Mary Kom from the small north-east will come back home with a gold along with one of the boys from Haryana’s Villages. The small theme continues

The biggest news for me in this olympics so far was a North Korean winning a bronze in weightlifting. She comes from a small derided country.

Ah Olympic Romanticism


What do i want in an Indian President ?

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The two traits which i look for in an Indian President would be

a) Understanding Constitutional proprietary –  I don’t want the Indian President be to media savvy. I want the President to be measured and reserved in his or her comments. The person should have an academic understanding of the constitutional duties of the Indian President so his or her tenure can be controversy free. The person should not be prejudiced towards any political idea.

b) A symbol of India – The President of India should symbolise the Republic of India. I want that one person to reflect the people of India in terms of their feelings, hopes, aspirations etc. I would want that one person to reflect the hopes and feelings of the tribals of the North East, the disaffected youth of the Kashmir Valley, the aspirational class of Bombay ( I was born when it was called Bombay and no Thackeray is going to make me call it Mumbai), the sensitivities of the Tamils of Madras ( If I am going to call Mumbai – Bombay then I better call Chennai- Madras).

So if a Pranab Mukherjee can do the above two or a Narayan Murthy do the above two I will support them. But they need to reflect the above two points before they get elected.

So do I have a candidate who I wish could become the President of India ? If I had the choice I would support PA Sangma. He is a Garo tribal from the North Eastern state of Meghalaya. Coming from a region , and i am including the entire North East, which has seen a lot of violence he would symbolise the “Unity in Diversity” concept of the Union. He would be a positive role model for various communities with their unique identities on how to live with the contradictions of India. He would be able to represent disaffected youth from all parts of the country. He has been a top parliamentarian in the prejudiced madhouse of Delhi – this shows he is aspirational and a trailblazer. He has been one of the best speakers in the Lok Sabha and was considered to be tough, fair and balanced. Thus he would in my opinion reflect the image of Current Day India as well have an understanding of the constitutional duties of the President.

Lok Pal Bill


Ex Indian President, His Excellency, APJ Abdul Kalam’s views on the Lok Pal Bill is something which i agree with.  This  man of vision, fair play and hard work has also shown he understands the psyche of India and its people. His assertion that the  Lok Pal Bill is just going to fill up jails and not clean up corruption in the Government machinery is absolutely correct. He asserts that it’s the kids of today who would decide if India becomes a less corrupt society or not. He implies that the values of Indians as it stands does not discourage corruption. There seems to be a consent in Society that corruption will happen. Until we don’t bring a change in society which would change us from a country ” where there is someone always willing to sell his mother” to a country ” where corruption and corrupt people are treated as equivalent to murders and murderers” we wont reduce corruption. I don’t not mean to equate the two crimes nor do I mean to suggest that the punishment should be equivalent but  I am suggesting that people from all parts of India should treat those who take bribes or offer bribes as equivalent socially to murderers. If this attitude is encouraged in the kids of today only then would we change as a country in the future. And this needs to be a national mission as corruption methods/standards differ from state to state.

Drugs and Punjab

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Drugs and Punjab

I am a Punjabi but i have not lived in Punjab for much time apart from a few years here and there . Read this Tehelka Article and did not realise things had become this bad. Reminds me of that day in 1994 when my father’s acquaintance came visiting and his driver, who was a casual drug user, asked one of the soldiers where he could get opium from. Bhatinda being dry, semi-desert and harsh has always required a lot of work from its farmers than what is required by farmers elsewhere and as such has always been more influenced by intoxicants vis a vis the rest of the state. However i am surprised its spread all over Punjab. Shows how out of touch i am.

Arnab Goswami – A Breed Apart !!!!


When I listen to the editor-in-chief of Times Now, I generally have a hard time not crapping in my pants. Its like being confronted with a media version of a General on the verge of taking over the country. His sole purpose in life seems to scaring the living daylights out of any living thing on the guest list on one of his shows. He “confronts” them with a question, he then “interrupts” them with his answer to his question and makes that the “position” of the people of India. I bet he can out-clarkson Clarkson (Top Gear fame) if he chose to do so except that he is an editor of a serious news channel and not an entertaining car show presenter.

He is a breed apart because no other news editor sees himself as the “voice of India”. His opinion is all that counts. But from what i have read he seems to have pleased the people as his channel is the Number One English News Channel as per the TRP ratings. It seems that the “people of India” love to hear him put down his guests because they realise that they cant rant at those people themselves. To the “people of India” i have this to say ” He is a journalist and not your elected representative.”

His shows proves that people love their faces and their voices. Especially the breeds known as “Politicians” and “People from High Society”. Why else would they keep coming on TV  and embarrassing themselves in front of him, day after day ? But then they probably don’t mind, as they know that a major part of their “constituency” does not watch English TV Channels even if they have a Television to watch.

However he does make me feel good. However downtrodden i am, whatever mess i am in, however fucked up i am I know that i will be always more civil than him. He also makes me feel good as I now know that getting degrees from Oxford does not equate to being an intelligent person.

India – Superpower status,Foreign Policy and the structure of its Armed Forces

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In a humourous way i had asked Indians to resist “Chest-thumping” about our so-called future superpower status(See April 4th Post). In this article an experienced AF officer has also rubbished the claims from a strategic perspective. Bottom line is that it will only happen if we change our attitude about loads of things including , as he specifies in his domain, the way we conduct our foreign policy which obviously will need to be tied into our defence establishment similar to how the US/Uk/France or Russia have tied their international goals/foreign policy to the way their forces are structured. I know Russia is still modernising its force structure but its on its way back.


The Infamous Indian Express Coup Story

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The story has even touched a raw nerve in my family as i come from an Army Family.


But I think people are missing the key point – The level of mistrust between the Army and the Civilian establishment is so high that any “suspicious” movement by any army unit at that moment of time looked like a possible coup to the Babus running this country. I am not going to judge the merits of the story yet as i feel this is not the last i am going to be hearing about this. I reserve my comments till then.

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